Institute of Beauty “BABOR”

Welcome to the Institute of Beauty “BABOR”!

Forget about reality and dive into the world of beauty and positive mood… Visiting the Institute of Beauty “BABOR”– is a wonderful event that consists of series of unforgettable experience, pleasure and shock effect. The main cosmetic brands: Babor, St. Bart, Kerastase, Goldwell presented in the Institute of beauty give an opportunity to appreciate care magnificence and taste the products for home use. The main principle in the work of the Institute of beauty “BABOR” – is innovative, highly effective cosmetic products that we use for satisfying the deverse needs of our customers and, of course, service. The customer must relax, get new information about the world of beauty and get positive energy together with us.

“BABOR” offers 10% discount for the guests of “Triumph Hotel”.